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24 ways to impress your friends

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Jonathan Barrett

@Paul Burgess – agreed to a certain extent, but those are the same people who, to generalise, will already be on IE7 because they always click “okay” when offered updates etc.

I’ve never used the IE7 script, but only because I develop a slight tic when using JavaScript to help control layout and design. IE6 persists most (I’m guessing) in corporate environments where updates are managed centrally. These are the same environments where we are most likely to also encounter disabled JavaScript, and so using JS to workaround IE6 deficiencies simply adds to your progressive enhancement bottom line, as you still need to include an IE6 “only” workaround stylesheet.

As for the rest, I think this is a great discussion. Finally, it’s something on which most web developers seem to agree, at least in principle, which makes a refreshing change!

Wish there was some way to subscribe to the comments…