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24 ways to impress your friends

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Maciej ?ebkowski

OK, so we know why this layout looks like a load of crap in FF2 (hello, Camino anyone?). But there also a few more bugs:

Clicking “comments” tab at the bottom of article doesnt scroll my window back to top. I stood there a moment wondering why this some one in the first (i.e. topmost) comment is replying to some nonexistent comment. Are they reverse sorted or what? It took me quite a few seconds to realize, that I could scroll the list up, and that I wasn`t at the first comment.

Why isn`t the basic navigation visible above the fold? Yeah, nice layout. good idea, but please – I can only see days 24-12 above the fold (and I`m not using 800×600). Ok, so maybe thats not important, whatever.

But I`d like to get the old layout back. Let us opt in for it, use some briliant style switcher from the past years articles. Really, please. I loved that one, and I’ll never like this one.

And comments tracking via co.mments looks like crap too. :(