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24 ways to impress your friends

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Allan Rasmussen

Despite Freddy’s last remark:

Drew McLellan: I of course never expected all 24 articles to appeal to me, nor anybody else. In fact I already knew the things that were written in the second article, I’m probably never gonna use the suggestion in the third article, and I knew how to do the things explained in the first article, though without using the Prototype framework (never heard of it before, but it does seem nice, and I’ll surely look into it sometime). But I didn’t ‘complain’ about any of those, as I thought they were all relevant to—what I believed was this site’s purpose.

Saying an article “states the obvious” is in itself naturally not a compliment, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a critique either though; I’ve read many great things which does just that. And I don’t think this was a bad one either. I just didn’t expect the articles on this site to be like that, given it’s sub-heading.

But it seems the suggestion in this article wasn’t as obvious to your readers, as I thought it would be. And it could seem many of them both liked the article, and that it was exactly such they hoped and/or expected to find here. So peace be with it, and after all it is also your site, and hence your decision what should be published on it. :-D

No doubt I’ll be back again tomorrow.