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Kilian, good catch—that could easily be a IE7-only condition. I think it comes down to a matter of style (no pun intended). You could easily restrict the conditional just to IE7—of course, doing so assumes that all of the layout bugs we’ve encountered with IE7 are fixed in the next version. Granted, I’ll likely need to edit my conditional in either event, but in the meantime, call me optimistic.

John, that’s interesting. Of course, you should stick with the model that works best for you. From here, I’ve found that clients tend to prefer this method of working with stylesheets, as a.) it doesn’t require them to learn a tangle of rather ugly-looking CSS hacks, and b.) the one-file-per-browser model makes sense to them. And I suppose this approach feels more future-proof to me: I don’t need to worry about IE8 choking on, say, the <code>* html</code> hack when it’s released.

Jon, thanks for weighing in. Just keep in mind that <code>document.write</code> won’t work when XHTML’s served with an XML-ish MIME type.