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Rahul Pandhe

Super thanks for this script. It’s 2009 and there are millions of IE 6 users out there. We are doing some funky stuff with images include dragging them around to create beautiful designs, email them etc.

And this script just fit right in without having to remove/tweak any of our existing code, events, mouseovers etc.

Couple of key changes we did, and I would recommend to others:
1. We added a custom property origsrc to the image obj in this script, because after this script the img.src points to x.gif. So any onclick events get x.gif instead of the original src. The origsrc property serves that purpose.
2. We also remove the regex .png/$/i..and include simple indexOf(”.png”) check. This is because some image paths can contain parameters e.g .png?tmstmp=123123123123123

To see the full blow potential of this script, check out

drag, resize, move around, z-index, mouseover, mouseclick all of that works perfectly!

million thanks again!