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  1. webwannabe

    Hi Nate,

    Thanks for YUI!

    Idealistic imperfections aside, it works perfectly for what I’ve been doing in the real world, and I’m neither a fulltime designer nor engineer.

    The sites I have built with YUI are generally using one of the templates, and typically I’ll split the default header (hd) into multiple columns with nesting for placement of a logo, banner, and a sign in box.

    That noted, I’m little confused how to add multiple headers and footers. I have, for example, tried to just add a hd1 and hd2 after hd to have 3 header areas on top of each other. This has mostly worked and is the easiest way for me to style them.

    My first question is; if I want extra headers, should I be adding them as I described, or as nested headers within the default hd using some kind of block/grid naming scheme I have missed in the documentation?

    If not, is there any naming scheme I should be using for extra headers and footers so as to avoid rendering errors? hd, hd1, hd2, etc are what I have played with.