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  1. Xsss4hell

    Hi, Nate!

    I know, I’m late, but hey, better late than never!

    How do you solve following case?
    row 0,3 and 4 are 100% width.
    col2 is 240px right
    col1 takes the rest.

    row0 header
    row1 col1 | col2
    row3 col3
    row4 footer

    And now the tricky part!
    Due to seo optimizing, I need to display things in the following html source order: 1. row0, 2. col3, 3. col2, 4. col1, 5. row4

    How will you accomplish that, with yui???
    All I got is following, with some trickery:
    Click this Picture
    And I’ve things in following html source order:

    You see I need things in 3,2,1 order and 3 is the next row.
    I hope anyone reading this can help.

    Kind regards