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  1. Tony

    A developer’s approach to design: Create a tight little package that solves many layout requests by flipping a switch here and there. On the one hand, it’s brilliant. It’s a swiss army knife, easily deployable, very useful. You want it? We got it – just dial the right combination.

    On the other hand, I don’t know any html designer who wouldn’t take pride in creating his/her own html and css.

    This is great for an IT group at a corporation to share with various departments that need their own special layouts. I see it being good for some one-man hosting company who offers ‘customized web design’ and can deploy these pretty quick. I don’t see it being so useful for independent designers, as they will want to do their own html and css. It’s not for non-designers like some guy throwing out an ‘about me’ page for his handyman businss, as who would want to learn “yui-u” and “yui-gb” and “doc3”?

    Overall, it’s a powerfully little package.