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Keith Humm

I have believed for years that screen readers, especially JAWS, are of absolutely unacceptable quality when it comes to their design and understanding of markup.

I’m in agreement with those above that think this data is tabular. It’s not just tabular data, it’s a tabular form.

Tabular forms exist in the UI world as standard widgets – any spreadsheet uses them, javax.swing, some colour pickers. Why can the designers of JAWS not comprehend these issues?

Why does JAWS not tell the user there is a table in this form, and give the user some indication of what’s in the table. Or perhaps it could look at tags… Instead of ignoring tables completely!

I an very much of the opinion that we should use tables and force the screen reader developers to push forward. Unfortunately, the recent onslaught of lawsuits against ‘inaccessible’ websites doesn’t do much to help the situation!

Nonetheless, if you’re going to cave in against the screen readers, this is about the best way I’ve seen. Clicking on some of the labels does some slightly strange things in Opera, though..