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Mark Norman Francis

“Tags are only 1 of 6 sizes, so it cannot scale easily.” Arthus – that’s true in my example. Many tag clouds only have certain pre-set levels. Technorati’s is something of an exception, which is why you can find quite so many nested EMs. However, there’s nothing to stop people defining more steps and therefore more classes.

“the information you’re providing in the additional text is very verbose” Brothercake – that’s very true, and for a cloud with a lot of links that would be a valid concern.

“But, why make different information available to screenreaders than is available to sighted users.” Brothercake – I do believe that information should be available, and not just using CSS. My point here was not to show the ultimate tag cloud; rather, just that existing tag clouds could be made better and more semantic without altering how they are displayed to the user with CSS. Personally, I’m not that a big fan of tag clouds. But I am a fan of semantic markup. :)