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24 ways to impress your friends

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Chris Mousdale

I would not expect an article like this on here. Design is not just about CSS3 effects and fonts – in other words it’s not just visual candy. I thought this was common knowledge now? Obviously not.

I would spend the time mentioned in this article to ask questions about why your site is not working and then form a brief to work with a designer. To address the key issues with your site. Not just throw random things at your site. What is that actually achieving? Your just wasting time and delaying an inevitable redesign.

I’m a designer and have used Bootstrap – only when I think the web site / app would require it. I wouldn’t just use it for the sake of using it as it adds thousands of lines of CSS and JS. Plus it actually takes a lot of work to make it look NOT like a generic bootstrap build. For simple designs I have actually found it quicker to just write my own code than get bootstrap up and running, and then try and restyle it.

So please, spend time asking what your site needs, and why you think it’s not working, rather than just putting stuff on it for the sake of making it look better to your eyes.

Remember that in most cases you are not your user. What may look good to you may not look good to other people. Especially if your a self confessed programmer and not a designer.