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24 ways to impress your friends

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Jon B

This is really cool, however in IE the tab floats to high (i know it’s just a demo so I don’t care), but assuming that it is made for firefox primarily then I was disappointed that in my firefox the ajax result message loads into the entire tab rather than into the content area – ie it replaces the whole page as if you weren’t using ajax. Not sure why it does this, but my FF1.5 install isn’t that odd – but maybe it is an extension conflict although I usually have no problem with ajax calls.

As a note to people (not directly related to this article) – the img onload event isn’t called in some browsers if the image is loaded from the cache – I can’t remember which browsers tho. Something worth noting but easily overcoming by preventing caching (only for small images) – img.src=”myimage.gif?” + uniqueNum;

I’m sure that is all taken into consideration tho in this example.