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Although many features unavailable (even motion paths) presumably this Flash’s latest lifeline. Flash was saved almost 10 years ago by video, while the last few years it’s a fallback for older browsers. CS7/8 will most likely see Flash producing less js and more css3 animations… Just look at Fireworks (although they make out gradients and rounded edges are ‘difficult’ to code!). Bring able to handcode can always make your code slicker, but this may just be editing your uncompressed output code rather than typing Matrix style into NotePad. I learned to handcode HTML years ago, and older iterations of DreamWeaver (and other WYSIWYG editors) would bloat pages with masses of redundant code. It’s likely that tools will get better as HTML 5 becomes standard and we can forget older browsers… But I’d almost put money on Flash becoming the defacto web animation tool, again.