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  1. Simon Collison

    Thanks for the feedback folks. I should say that I consider this technique experimental, and not 100% resolved, so I expected to see a few (more actually) error reports.

    The important thing is that more people start to think “Hang on, is this something that can be done WITHOUT images?”, which is a very healthy way to approach problems.

    Wrtlprnft: (Good name by the way). It looks fine on Mac Opera. Judging by the screenshot you linked to, a negative top margin on .bqend should pull it up a little.

    Brandon: The testimonials page on that site looks great. It was by chance that my curlies looked OK in IE – I didn’t do anything special. Stay hopeful…

    Mats: Ah. My stand-alone example ( which is here ) validates as Transitional or Strict. That does have the paragraph tags – which I seem to have left off this tutorial. Be sure to set paragraphs to margin: 0 and padding: 0.