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24 ways to impress your friends

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Erick Schluter

Nice bedtimereading !

I had of course allready figured this out myself…I love CSS and the use of BG images ! They rule ! F*** the ‘alt’ tag !

That said…About an icon being needed to show there was a error : why is this needed ? In my opinion and like mentioned here earlier, a line of contrasting text (for example: #ff0000 on #ffffff) would do the same trick.

If you have a website that get’s it’s visitors from perfect ‘alt’ tag use I would like to see it. And if you have shown it tell me how it is important that a ‘alt’ tag on a ‘error’ image was involved in this…

I wonder, I always wonder…

Don’t you think it’s time that ‘we’ as webdesigners should be thanked at least once by someone who is blind and had no trouble vissiting a website. So far I keep strugglin’ with CSS and W3C and all, but never hear anything from those who benefit by this…

Who are they ?!