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24 ways to impress your friends

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Exactly. Having responsive sites that pump just as many or even more bytes than usual kind of defeats the whole purple of serving a “mobile-optimized” site, doesn’t it? I’ve always wondered this, and the article provides a great answer and great tips on cutting down on resource load. I’ve learned a lot this year already, and it’s only been the first week!

I just thought to add: making performance an essential component is great, but as always, spend time only on things that matter.

To wit: I really hope nobody confuses things like eliminating unnecessary HTTP requests and compressing resources, for nonsensical notions of premature optimization in code such as keeping everything in tight loops or avoiding using descendant selectors ever. Notice how this article doesn’t mention the latter at all. That’s because that sort of stuff hardly ever matters, and I dare say not at all on a mobile site, where less is more.