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24 ways to impress your friends

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This article on complexity resonates with “relativity” in my mind.

There is really no rule of thumb on the web. Physicians may be currently revisiting Einstein’s laws of relativity (Higg’s boson °-)) but web builders still need to keep a “relative” attitude to every dogma, such as “less is more”, “always / never” statements and the likes. Every project is different (content & meaning, intention, objectives, target audience, customer needs, culture, etc), we should be careful every time and watch our every step.

Alongside, designers (should) develop our own style, our own approach, our own discourse, our own voice. For instance, i’d always favor “information” over “decoration”. But some projects require decoration. I just know i should say “no” to them, because i know I can’t deliver. But that doesn’t mean you can’t . There is room for all styles of expression on the internet, that’s why it’s such a great place to work on.
Let’s just not make it all template-based. Or Facebook-paged. For that alone, I ‘d exchange 1000 facebooks for the return of Geocities.