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Alan Moore

This article was a source of one excellent piece of information for me: that .live() had been replaced by on().

I’m surprised that .live() hasn’t had more exposure with the rise of media queries and responsive design: if your page has an element hidden at its initial size (or added to the DOM when the size changes), then jQuery can’t attach, say, a ‘click’ to that element, since it’s not in the tree. Change your page width, add the element back in and… no jQuery action on click.

Rather than $(‘a’).click(function() { … }); we use $(‘a’).live(‘click’, function(event) { … }); instead. It’s very powerful, but I was not aware that live() has been deprecated. Now I know better, and I will use
$(‘a’).on(‘click’, function(event) { … }); instead!

As for the performance issues, I must just not be doing enough with my scripts to tax the browsers. I develop in Safari, then Chrome, then Firefox. I test IE inside virtual machines with only 512Mb apiece and none of them have any performance problems. If I start to spot any, I’ll be back here to see what I can do…