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24 ways to impress your friends

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Stuart Robson

A fantastic foray into the filth we could all have whilst waiting (in hope) for <picture>.

I’ve been thinking of a similar idea since Jeremy and Matt’s posts this year that would be a client-side lazy load of an image (dependent on viewport) that would have a <noscript> back up.

I summed this all up in some tweets here –

I have yet to anything with this idea as yet though.

My first decent into using Javascript (or jQuery) was when images were being discussed on the jQuery Mobile forum at a very early beta stage. I came up with the “everything loads regardless” Janeway Test (google it :) ) which resized dependant on viewport width AND height.

I look forward to trying to pull apart your code to see if I can get a ‘nice and dirty’ version of my idea up and running :)

Thanks, and again another great article for this year!! :D