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Anna Debenham

Kurt, you bring up an interesting point (and one I hoped someone would raise).

I rarely get the opportunity to work directly with a designer on projects – usually just get sent static files to mark up without any contact with the designer, but I’ve found the projects where I’ve sat next to the designer, or at least been able to communicate throughout the process, are the most successful (and are much more enjoyable).

Producing front-end style guides often go down well with the designer if you can work with them on it, because they’re so similar to design style guides. They’ll be able to make suggestions on ways to improve it too.

It does depend on your processes though, and it isn’t always possible (or the norm) to be able to collaborate or brainstorm on this with all the people who will work on the project, but hopefully that’s changing as our roles bleed together more, and we think more about sites in terms of systems rather than pages.

Also, I chatted with Paul about what he’d be writing, and we realised our topics would dovetail quite nicely, so the relation and placement is somewhat intentional. :)