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24 ways to impress your friends

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Matt Wilcox


I agree with you, but the reason it’s not done like that everywhere are twofold. One is that most established design studios have “designers” already, and they have a tendency to want to use their established print team to do “visual design”, then hand over to their specialist “web team” to code them. That’s not a great way of doing things, but it’s perfectly understandable. It’s taken a little while where I work but we have come a long way and migrated away from that flawed way of doing web designs.

The other reason such a compartmentalised way holds on is economy of resources. If you already have “designers” you use them, and then you use “coders” to implement it. Each does their specialist role faster individually. But the end result isn’t as good. That’s why I’m a big fan of “talent bleed” and this type of approach. In the end, everyone can do their jobs better.