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24 ways to impress your friends

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Matt Wilcox

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback :)

I’m looking forward to seeing “The Future” section of the article addressed and talked about more. All current mechanisms to deal with this issue are hacks that harm some element of the web-design stack somewhere.

@Peter Lejeck

That’s not a good solution either, because as mentioned in the article you will download the image twice, once at mobile reslution and once at desktop. That’s wy pure JS solutions will not work.

@Chris Heilmann

The instructions here say 755, not 777 – the 777 was a mistake to have left in the downloadable instructions. Thank’s for pointing that out! 755 will not leave your folder open to be writable. I’ll be sure to mention in future documentation that people may want to point the ai-cache folder outside of web root :)

@Sripathi Krishnan

Could you clarify why 1. is a point at all? How is it less reliable?

Point 2 is mentioned in the article, but is of no relevance at all to people who aren’t using CDNs. Also, I’d wager that it’s faster to download a 1/4 size image from local than a 4x bigger image from a CDN. CDN’s improve matters but it’s latency as much as anything, right?

As for REST, yep, i do share that “ick” element. No solution is perfect, they all stumble badly somewhere – and AI is not always going to be the most appropriate solution :)