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24 ways to impress your friends

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Mathias Hellquist

Just wanted to say this is a great article. I often have to “lets-stop-and-think” new projects and/or developers to backtrack on the reasoning for various technology choices, as they invariably always suggest the latest framework/database/package handler etc, quite often without being able to give any good reason to why. More worryingly, they rarely have taken “scalability” into consideration, which can be a real pitfall when doing services/sites that literally have millions of users; using the untested “latest” anything can be disastrous. On my own personal websites I run completely different things though. Some of it Wordpress or, increasingly, static PHP CMS’s (Grav, Kirby etc) served by the simplest components out there, mainly because I’m turning lazy with the years. I used to go wild on my personal sites, now I’m keeping them as basic as possible.

Like all the previous years of 24ways I’ll be referring to this article now and then, thanks!
And thanks for keeping up 24ways initiative and keeping it interesting year after year.