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24 ways to impress your friends

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I’ve once taken a personality exam, which concluded that my personality type tries to avoid conflict… and that’s a fair conclusion based on what I do with gradients. As a web designer, I try to make gradients as interesting as possible, sometimes with just very subtle nuances. For example, instead of going from color A to Z, I’ll do colors A to B to C to D to Z… and maybe I won’t do the typical 50/50 color ratio either. Sometimes, I’ll mix it up to where 3/5 of the top is one color and the remaining parts are the other colors. With that said, one way I stick closest to the circle is through image sprites. I figure, any website I build will have a least 3-4 images built into a sprite. Since I’m already doing the legwork for that, I just combine my gradient images to that sprite, which might bump it up 3K or so in filesize. Now, with lots of CSS lines, I could come very close to my original gradient image, but it’d require lots of extra time and it wouldn’t work on every single browser version. Anyway, I’ve found image sprites to be a very happy medium to the gradient brouhaha that develops whenever you try to get something signed off.