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24 ways to impress your friends

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Hi Megan,

Thank you for writing such an enjoyable read.

I am a teacher who does web design as a hobby. Being a teacher for the sake of having a job and a designer for the sake of having a degree in advertising.

Like you, both my thoughts and my concentrations are easily distracted. I don’t really have any method in dealing with them, but I guess that is how I am. When I need to finish a website or a design, I first make sure that I plan them well on paper before executing them. I sketch, scribble, and jot down details that I can refer back when I lost track of what I am suppose to do. Musics helps me a lot when concentrating (Wall of sounds, I suppose). I barricaded myself in a small room and close the door and windows, but I could still hear my wife screaming at me when it is time for lunch or dinner :-)

Again, thank you for writing this. I’m glad to know that somewhere in another corner of the globe there are people like me, with story that I could relate to.