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24 ways to impress your friends

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Very interesting discussion! And very interesting article, even though I agree that it’s bad-titled.

@Aral, I wanted to add that in my opinion it’s not entirely true that “the only way to truly achieve this is to cater to a lowest common denominator in your design.” Actually, I think that the exact opposite is true. Not easy to do, of course. But I think that (when we can) we should design for the best possible experience, and let those other browsers/device do what they can.

Like we already do with the desktop. We do use CSS3, knowing that IE can’t show most of them (and its users won’t even realize), don’t we? Here it’s harder, because we’re talking about many more devices… but theoretically it seems to me it’s the same thing.

Great article, anyway, lots of good stuff to use, in addition to media queries.