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24 ways to impress your friends

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I don’t think its like saying specific apps are bad at all. In fact I meant quite the opposite, you expect apps to be tailored for specific devices, you expect websites to work across them all.

You wouldn’t have 4 versions of a website, one for IE, FF Chrome and Safari, would you? We’ve all seen / had the discussion about Progressive enhancement and all that jazz, its okay for something to not look like a carbon copy across different browsers / systems, so surely the same rules apply to mobile? You want one mobile site, that works across multiple OS/Devices – maybe with a slightly different experience for each one.

Creating websites that are tailored to an individual device is sort of totally the opposite to the view that’s come about in the ‘standards generation’ of designers and developers like ourselves. Or am I missing something? Like I said, I don’t do a great deal of mobile.