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24 ways to impress your friends

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Sarah Parmenter

@Simon Willison @Samuel Linde
I feel you failed to see this paragraph, which covers the issue you are addressing:

At this point, be sure to provide a link to the full version of the website, in case the user wishes to view this and not be thrown into an experience they didn’t want, with no way back. bq.

@Jeremy Keith
Apologies that you don’t like the way it was written, I knew I was going to stir you up on this subject given your blog post from a few weeks back.

@RobL @BenSmithett
The apps on your iPhone are not scalable, you cannot zoom in and out, if someone wants to recreate an app as close to the native ones that you can download, with careful UI and adhering to the same Human Interface Guidelines that you would use to create a native app, then disabling the user scaling is perfectly acceptable.