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24 ways to impress your friends

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Simon Collison

Tim: Thanks my friend. Thought I’d add and extend my replies from our Twitter conversation here for others.

I think we need to push this in every possible way, using every avenue, private and public, in our heads, in our work. Especially as a community, so debate/forums, intelligent conference topics etc. We educate and explore. Also, we continue to create, sketch, try, do, fail, win, then make sure we write/blog about our findings and share.

Collectively we investigate all of this, but not try to force it. Terms and definitions for what is uniquely ours will evolve naturally or when relevant, like “Responsive Web Design” did once Ethan identified the pattern or specific rules of the interactions.

I think we need to continue to find clarity, but not look to produce a dictionary of terms or “manual”.

Dribbble doesn’t feel like the best outlet, but it is a place where we talk about our ideas and output, so yeah, maybe that is one place where we try to spot shared interactions and talk about them eloquently in the threads and look for outcomes.

Perhaps above all, it is our daily work where we find true outcomes. I think we make our best discoveries in our work, which is purposeful, and whole. By meeting challenges we find answers.

As Frank Chimero said in our Twitter conversation, interaction design is where the pieces fit together, and therefore where we discover the patterns and systems that really matters to us as web designers.