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24 ways to impress your friends

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Valon Sopi

I think it is a natural evolution for a web-designer to start thinking of a web-site as a system and not just a set of pages — because we’re always assessing and building these systems around the user and helping them better navigate these faux environments.

My biggest challenge at the moment is getting approvals from the client in basis that the website is created for their clients and not for them (the client) specifically.

I try to use the analogy of building a house for oneself, where one can organize rooms and place sofas at will – without the regard for the occasional visitors. However, a web-site is created specifically for these visitors who we help navigate throughout these systematic environments with a specific goal in mind.

My quest is to explore more of this as a mosey along.

Thanks Simon for pushing forward with these insights.

Cheers to that.