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24 ways to impress your friends

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Alan Moore

I find that years of thinking one way due to environmental constraints make it difficult to shed what is in fact ‘wrong’ behaviour.

10 years ago, graphic designers used to hand me web site designs with Next Page and Last Page links in the navigation, just like a Powerpoint presentation (which was how many of them saw web sites).

5 years ago, many of them believed that the rise of CSS mainstream support meant they could finally have pixel-perfect renderings of their designs on screen and web design would finally be just the same as print design.

Now I find it’s me trying to break free of the idea that web sites are made of pages. We finally have the freedom to think of these sites as systems, not pages of hypertext, and my brain is trying to resist that idea.

Thank you for the reminder. I am sure when my copy of the 24ways book arrives, this essay will be one I return to frequently.