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  1. erik

    i’m pretty confused, why “background” is listet as no-go attribute for xhtml -in strict mode, because i’m using xhtml 1.1 that i thought not to be transitional, right?

    my website is far from valid nor semantic markup, well anyway: in order to go with at least one way to impress my friends ;) i’m using an image replacement-technique on headline-text. all content comes from a blogging-platform / sql-database.

    so the extension, that allows image replacement is waiting for the headline text being delivered from the blog-tool, in order to create the image.

    thats why i implemented this as inline style of my blogs theme-files. (so though not allowed its working for me – think thats strange?) do you see a need or a away to rework this?

    well, i’m thinking of the ability to leave this info in a dynamic stylesheet maybe, or appending information to it each time i post new articles.

    am i getting you wrong?

    what do you think?