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24 ways to impress your friends

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Luke Jones

Amazing story. People put too much value and spend too much time on the internet now-a-days. I know that it’s our profession but there’s no need for us to be constantly connected.

I’m fairly new to the web design game, but I’m at my most creative when I have Adium, Skype, Twitter and switched off – not reading blog posts or checking dribbble, just some music (what I listen to depends entirely on what mood I’m in). It’s because there are no distractions and fewer doubts.

I’d love to be in the situation you were in, too. At the moment the only people I know who inspire me and give constructive feedback are on Twitter. It’d be amazing to be surrounded by people who can advise, help and polish throughout a design rather than just criticise, judge and give unhelpful tips because their 12 year-old son didn’t like something — I wish I had the opportunity you did & can only hope it for myself in the future.

Thanks for the awesome post.