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  1. Mike Kus

    Thanks for all you comments :)

    @Suleiman Leadbitter
    @Luke Jones
    @Mazilu Teodor
    @Ali Stone
    Thanks for your input guys!

    I understand your frustration about clients steering the design in a certain direction but this is something that every designer encounters, it’s just part of the job.

    I think the very least we can do in these circumstances is just make sure we’re applying our styles thoughtfully and in a way that aids the functional design of the site.

    @Alex Morris
    You’re right, some of these treatments aid the usability of a site design. I don’t object to this. It’s the thoughtless application of style that I’m referring to.

    @TheFella thanks :)

    @Carl Rosekilly
    Thanks for your comment!
    I don’t think clients or budgets are the issue here. The article isn’t about breaking the mould either. The key message I was trying to get across is that when we apply an aesthetic to a website we should do so thoughtfully and make the style relevant to the content of the site.

    @Matt Hamm
    @Russell Bishop
    You’re right, this has happened to me.