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24 ways to impress your friends

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I see why atleast I don’t create websites directly in browsers. They end up being pretty boring actually.. I rather use a variety of png’s and just preload them as much as I can.

The main reason I atleast use Photoshop to begin with is because it’s so quick to use. I can throw up a mockup in no time at all and for me, colors and fonts are crucial to the whole design. In fact, I may end up not getting inspired enough if the design looks like markup for the main period of the designing part.

Actually, the best thing would be to design the thing and do the markup at the same time. I know that the biggest culprit for me atleast is the fact that I end up not getting all of the design elements from Photoshop into the actual site. Mostly because I use too much color gradients, shadows, tints etc etc. By doing the markup at the same time I atleast avoid this, or, see quick enough that this element might be a problem.