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24 ways to impress your friends

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Well written article but this statement: “I believe we shouldn’t have to design for the lowest common denominator (cough, IE6 users, cough); instead we should create designs that are beautiful in modern browsers, but still degrade nicely for the other guy.” is an example of what happens when designers get too caught up in their own little design bubble. You, me and everyone else posting here knows IE6 is crap but the fact is that more than half of users have it as their default browser. My client wont be interested in teaching people about the wonders of modern browsers, they’ll just want their company’s website to look snazzy for as many people possible. The example website, while pretty in Firefox, looks like crap in IE6. Im pretty sure no client would approve this from me, I’d have to go back to Photoshop or Fireworks and re-do the whole thing.