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24 ways to impress your friends

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Davis Peixoto


Thanks for the article. I can’t agree more.

I remember defending this process about deliver the first mock-up in a HTMLized version to my old boss 4 years ago. Also I was trying to push SEO and other stuff upon that team by that time.

Conclusion? I got out there. I am happier now. My clients too.

Sure thing this process can give much more productivity, and brings less headaches with misleading expectations that born from a simple PS, raw raster, file. This is the future since some time ago.

For the PS-lovers/defenders, I need to add a brief tip: use skeletons.

I think having some ready-to-use skeletons in crystal clear HTML+CSS is a great deal. I am not talking about colorful templates with dummy text, but if you are thinking about 2 columns, a horizontal nav bar with drop-down, and so on, with a footer… well, I think a skeleton can really speed up things in the design time, just the way Meagan’s post says.

This can be very useful and straighfoward to met your clients needings.