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John Nack blogged about what users might want to see come to Ps CS5 in the way of making interfaces for the iPhone. I saw past this and was hoping for more pixel perfection for Ps, not for iPhone apps, but for my mockups and general UI elements. It really fails miserably in this department. However, if it did have ready made tools that spit out pixel perfect shapes all the time, It would be a snap to whip up a good concept.

I don’t think Ps is dead because it’s archaic, but probably not everyone’s favourite because it’s just plain cumbersome. And as for crashes, I stand alone. Ps never crashes on me. I’m starting to feel strangely disconnected. I’d say I’m a reluctant Adobe user—would switch in a heartbeat if someone came out with a decent product that could compete—but even I’m impressed with it’s stability.

Lastly, most of the people that have commented are ridiculously myopic. Talking about clients not being able to view the markup, etc. But I’m wondering, if the design is done in Ps or a browser, how hard is it to send them a screenshot? Does anyone send an interactive file using Ps? Yeah, I don’t think so… Does it matter how the website was ultimately made in the screenshot? No, no it doesn’t.

Man, talk about dense… There are millions of ways around any given problem. More brain games and less TV people…