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24 ways to impress your friends

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Great, interesting article. Disagree with the PS-bashing though, I haven’t had it crash on me in over a year and I use it for hours every single day.

The problem I have with this approach is that it essentially omits a huge stage of the design process for me. Maybe you didn’t go to design school. Maybe you have to churn out a website quickly, and are more interested in front end web development than graphic design.

You are not even designing a website here. You are making one. You are just going straight into it.

Sorry but this is not design, as I know it. This kind of strategy will work for a lot of clients and for a lot of websites. They may even be good ones. I am not saying this approach is wrong entirely.

You cannot tell your clients that you offer “graphic design”, or “UX, UI design” or anything like that and then give them a “mockup” that is essentially very close to the finished product. That shows a lack of understanding of the design process to me.