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24 ways to impress your friends

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Art Lawry

For those that wish to be a little bit kinder to Internet Explorer, you can always specify two colors/background-colors, one as standard RGB and one as RGBA. I always forget the order in which to put them, but It means a lot less of a drastic difference to users with Internet Explorer.

For instance, in Meagan’s final example Internet Explorer has no color whatsoever. It’s just a white background with black text and standard blue links. Many people might agree to punishing IE6 in such a way, but IE in general is still widely used.

Either way, I fully agree with this approach when situations allow for it. I just tend to be a little more generous when it comes to broader browser support, and with something as easy as adding a second color/background-color to elements, the payoff (in my opinion) is definitely worth it.

Thanks for the great article, Meagan. Now I just need a few clients that would be open to said process!