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24 ways to impress your friends

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While Photoshop isn’t perfect, especially with font rendering (compared to how browsers do…), I still feel it’s the best tool for creation of a vision or layout. Building with pure CSS, while fun & in certain scenarios faster, limits the person at the controls, bound to the proverbial box model. Being able to place anything anywhere, blending modes, masks & the quickness at which you can “generate” something you’ve got in your head or sketched on paper is partly why I love being a new media designer.

I’ve designed sites both ways, and with the deepening of CSS3, font support & wide spread alpha support, we’re closing in on a day where Photoshop will be less a designer tool, and more a photographers tool (just for image manipulation & enhancement).

However, Photoshop isn’t the end of my design process. It’s merely the beginning, and I don’t ever have a final site until I’ve done much CSS tweaking across browsers, seeing how the content really fits with the design. But so many things can be nailed down in the PSD mock up, saving much time, money & frustration over the launch of a new site.

From my cold, dead hands.