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24 ways to impress your friends

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This is my process when developing projects where I am the only one involved. I have always developed a site in a browser versus a mockup in Photoshop. Sure, it’s nice to do it in Photoshop but I felt more efficient doing a wireframe/grid in a browser, then using Photoshop for anything extra.

CSS3 has solidified that I will always be more efficient in a browser.

Too bad this approach wouldn’t really benefit companies that have employees hired specifically for graphic design, frontend developement and backend development.

With doing a mockup in a browser, who would you have perform the mockup? Make the designer learn CSS so he’d be able to get things started and finished? Or would you make the frontend developer get more heavily involved with graphic design so he’d be able to pump out this mockup? Where does that leave the graphic designer?

Concept is great but in theory it just wouldn’t work out for anyone involved within an agency where roles are already delegated to specific people.