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24 ways to impress your friends

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Will Morris

I agree with your main point, but I think this article would be stronger without the “Die Photoshop, die” section. Photoshop is a powerful, high-quality tool for what it was designed to do. Stuff like “Well, any seasoned designer will tell you that working in Photoshop is akin to working in a minefield” makes me want to tune out.

I’m a “seasoned designer” and I’ve got no complaints about its stability and have seen many people do amazing work with it. There are gripes about the UI here and there, but overall it works well and experienced users can make it fly. Is their process more laborious than using CSS3? Sure. But the end results are still fantastic.

Getting sidetracked about your problems with Photoshop distracts from your argument — that good HTML structure with CSS3 can be a useful design tool. It can replace much of what we do in graphical editors, can help us get more useful feedback from our clients, and hopefully allow us to create better designs.

Whether you use Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, GIMP, or some other graphic design tool isn’t really the point.