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24 ways to impress your friends

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Carolyn Wood

Excellent suggestions! I hope more people will share theirs tips and stories.

It pains me, though, to see how many people are dealing with this. I was afraid of that.

Yes, Rachel, I can’t write by speaking, either. I think, oh, I remember way back when I thought I wouldn’t be able to write on a computer instead of paper, or be able to write without smoking cigarettes (eep!) and I made it through until it was natural. But, I think it would be very difficult to speak your “writing,” because you’d end up doing so much editing with your fingers in the end. I didn’t know about the arm rests and will check those out. Your story is so important to have here, because you are one of the most prolific people I know.

Jeff, thanks for bringing up posture. I could only cover so much in the article with putting people to sleep, and posture is a really big deal. I could only touch on it. Btw, there’s actually a big thing for doing self-massage. I’ll try to find it for you. It helps on shoulders and a few other areas. Looks like a combination torture/sex toy—um, not that I’d know what a sex toy looks like—but it helped keep me going during some of my problems. Used to use it all the time, and now I never need it.

Lars, what I do is make a checklist of stretches and other little habits, to make sure I do them each day. If I didn’t have the checklist of the stretches I do, I’d stop, and then run into trouble.

Marc, thanks for the “testimony” in support of the vertical mouse. Really happy you are having success with it.