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24 ways to impress your friends

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Dan Matthews

Brilliant article Meagan.

Maybe it’s because i’m one of the younger generation of web designers, or maybe it’s because i’m not a graphic designer by nature, but i’ve always produced mockups for clients and assignments in the browser. However, i was quickly taught by my tutors that this was wrong, and too basic.

It’s good to see someone bringing the focus back to the markup and the fact that we’re designing for an interactive medium rather than a still image format. In my experience, designs that are produced in photoshop breed complicated and non-semantic markup in order to maintain the visuals. But why should we sacrifice accessibility when we can have effects like drop shadow and rounded corners with a few lines of CSS rather than silly extra divs.

An excellent top off to this years 24 ways, I will no doubt be spending the next 24 weeks trying to absorb all the information from this year though.