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Lars Kühn

Thanks, Carolyn, for this strong plea for a conscious rendez-vous with my body.
Like we tidy up our living room and do the dishes when we prepare for christmas we need to keep the rooms of our brains in good condition when they are going to celebrate the work party.

There is a connection between the highly cognitive world of our work and the
highly physical world of our bodies, and this connection is threatened by carpel tunnel syndrome
and other disasters.

Your article has several good news for me:
* I am not special when my wrist pains,
* and I am no freak when I am unable to work because my finger tips are numb.
* I can take dandy preventative measures, and they look funny
* this topic can give me cause to rethink my work-life balance (or my work-shoulder-balance)
* life is not over, when it changes fundamentally