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24 ways to impress your friends

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Wow, when I first read the article I knew it would stir the pot, but not this much. I guess everyone has finished up their shopping early or is this the festivous airing of grievences?

There are some great points in the comments and a lot of just plain pissing. Most of it missing the point.

That point being to stop trying to make everything look the same in every flavor of browser. Milage will very as it’s up to you how far you push it. You can go full throttle like Andy or just short. But the days of flogging our selves to get it “perfect” are long past.

It’s time to start looking to the future and building for it. After all most people will be viewing the web from a mobile device ( such as I’m doing now) in the next decade (probably sooner) and the less junk in the code the easier transition.

Though there is the whole context thing to think about, but that probably a topic for next year.