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24 ways to impress your friends

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Dennis Kardys

Fantastic post Andy, I agree 100%!

Regarding comments that blame clients for making this an unrealistic approach:

I think that if a client “won’t let you” design a web site unless it displays exactly the same in every browser, then unfortunately you aren’t really the designer on the project, THEY are. You’ve just been demoted to production…better update your business cards.

As a designer you need to stand up for yourself, your design and your recommendations. Trust that you have been hired based on your expertise, and don’t let the client dictate your process or your design.

If the client complains that a site displays differently in IE, educate them…they are usually pretty receptive. And if after educating them, they still insist otherwise, don’t moan about it. Adjust your fee to compensate for the time you’ll spend browser hacking, and move on to a more open-minded client. #win.