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24 ways to impress your friends

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Craig Birchler

I think the umbrella concept is spot on though its execution is situational. It must be understood when such a “need-to-know” means of communication will function properly.

From what many have already said, it has to do with speed and ability. Simply put, you’d have to be well versed in HTML and CSS to follow this path.

When the situation does not provide accuracy or speed, the concept can still remain. We must simply crack open this black box in which we design. Don’t forget “need-to-know”, but shift the thought to understanding/expressing the “have-to-know”.

The core theme is an alteration of behavior between designers, developers and their “clients”. This alteration focus on finding solutions to specific needs of specific user groups. Added transparency between those designing and those whom we design for can be just as, if not more useful in developing a successful project.