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24 ways to impress your friends

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(Gah. Typed this in on my iPhone and can’t edit the whole thing. Please excuse the typos!)

Good stuff that makes solid sense if you set proper expectations with your clients. That’s the important part here.

I do design work in Photoshop. And on paper, in OmniGraffle, and in HTML/CSS (although I don’t code all that much any more.)

That’s what works for me.

Andy makes some sensible points about design process. I like to get into HTML as soon as I can as changes are easier and faster. So +1 to that.

As far as the rest? It’s all about education and building relationships with your clients. I agree that clients shouldn’t expect the same pixel-perfect version in every browse and it’s the designers job to belay those concerns if they have them.

Not sure what the controversy is.